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Extremity Adjustments in Cadott

Many people think chiropractic adjustments are only for the spine, but chiropractors can adjust any joint in the body, including those in the arms, hands, legs and feet. At Kromrey Chiropractic, we offer extreme adjustments for a small additional fee.

Adjusting womans hands

Who Can Get Extremity Adjustments?

Extremity adjustments are commonly needed for athletes who suffer injuries playing their sport. However, anyone may benefit from extremity adjustments, whether they are active or not. Many people suffer with impingement syndromes that limit their range of motion, and extremity adjustments can often help. Old injuries, if not addressed at the time, can heal incorrectly and result in this type of impingement. Some common extremity issues we see are

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Old or new ankle or knee injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shoulder issues, including rotator cuff injuries

When we correct the joint restriction or alignment issue, patients often experience improved range of motion, reduced pain, reduced radicular symptoms and accelerated healing. Extremity adjustments can help older patients stay mobile, walk, reach overhead and do all the things they love to do.

Our Approach

We always check and adjust the spine first, since that is the foundation for everything. Then we’ll check and address extremities issues. We’ll compare the range of motion on the left and right sides to determine how much motion deficit exists.

We’ll also talk with you to see if we can identify which of your daily activities contributes to your issue. When we know what’s causing the problem, we can help you modify your movement patterns to prevent the problem from coming back or getting worse. Then we’ll make the specific adjustments needed to help with your problem. As with spinal adjustments, full correction may take repeated visits.

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