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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is focused on locating and correcting the root cause of your pain or dysfunction, rather than only addressing the symptoms. By identifying and detecting stress in the spine, we can use highly specific chiropractic adjustments to restore normal motion to the spine. This in turn relieves irritation in the nervous system.

When your nervous system is free of interference, it can operate as it should—and since your nervous system controls everything in your body, your whole body can function optimally.

Our Techniques

At Kromrey Chiropractic, we offer various adjusting techniques to meet the needs of our patients. Our care is individually tailored, and we may combine techniques to help you achieve your goals. Some people are still skeptical about chiropractic care, having seen scary YouTube videos. Our adjustments don’t hurt, and nothing we do will make you worse. Our primary adjusting techniques include the following:

  • Pro-Adjuster—An instrument-assisted adjustment that uses pressure rather than thrust and is ideal for small children and older people. The adjustment is done in a seated position.
  • Thompson Drop—A specialized table with sections that drop, allowing gravity to help the joint move so that less manual force is required.
  • Diversified—A traditional manual chiropractic adjustment. Some patients notice a satisfying “cracking” with this method.
  • Flexion Distraction—Using a specialized table that helps the chiropractor stretch and decompress the spine, this is a good option for disc and low back problems.

Our Approach to Care

Our chiropractors focus on the specific adjustments that you need—we don’t adjust you the same way at every visit, or the same way we adjust any other patient. We assess what your body needs, and we make precisely targeted adjustments to move the joints that need to be moved. We strive to offer the best care possible and give you results that you’re happy with, so you can enjoy life.

For nervous patients, Dr. Shawn has an extensive repertoire of terrible dad jokes to make you laugh and put you at ease.

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