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About Kromrey Chiropractic

Serving Cadott Since 1989

In 1989 Cadott was a town without a single chiropractor and most people were unaware or skeptical about chiropractic care. Dr. Shawn has been Cadott’s chiropractor ever since, with Dr. Eric now joining him. Now our practice extends out to patients from Stanley-Boyd, Cornell, Holcombe, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Thorp and Augusta, too.

Our bodies are made to be healthy. The body can heal itself without medication; you just have to give it a chance. Chiropractic care allows us to eliminate obstacles that are preventing your body from achieving its natural state of health. Once the obstacles are removed your body works to heal itself.

Our Mission

The mission of Kromrey Chiropractic is to provide the members of our community with high quality, affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment.

Since our beginning back in 1989, Kromrey Chiropractic has been dedicated to making chiropractic available to the residents of our area. Our goal is to not only alleviate pain, but more importantly, inspire and educate our patients to become active participants in their own wellbeing. We see a sick world with limited potential and too many dangerous inventions. We want to re-energize the health of our community and restore the beauty in individuals and families alike.

We respect your right to decide what level of health is appropriate for you. We will offer alternatives and options to help restore your health to the highest degree possible, then work as a partner with you to reach the level of wellness that you prefer.

Our staff will strive to deliver high quality care in a prompt, professional and efficient manner. We will provide old-fashioned care and concern in a modern world. This is our commitment to you, our patient!

Have You Tried Everything and Nothing’s Worked?

The combination of good communication, sincere care and experience helps us succeed where others have failed. Our team loves the challenge.

Our chiropractors are known for taking the time to listen to his patients and asking the right questions. He always does a thorough evaluation of your specific problem or complaint and your overall health. Then he spends time explaining what caused your problem, what can be done to rectify it, and what you can do to prevent it from recurring.

Our chiropractors have successfully treated different types of patients, complaints and ailments. They have seen chiropractic care change the lives of people with chronic sinus conditions, arthritis, constipation and seizures, as well as lower back pain and migraines.


Our team loves treating skeptics, too. When a nurse who “doesn’t believe” in chiropractic says, “I’m here. Change my mind,” our team is happy to oblige.

Contact our office today to experience the difference for yourself.

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